Your request has been received!  A confirmation email will be sent to the submitter shortly.  If you have any questions please call the church office at 432-681-8200.

Please review the policy and procedures below:

Facilities Use

Policy & Procedures

The use of rooms at Crestview Baptist Church are restricted to not-for-profit activities only; no sales of any type or exchange of funds are permitted.

The cost of room fees are $50/hr. for all non-member activities.  Down payment must be made before event is scheduled and full payment must be made 2 weeks prior to date of the event or it will be cancelled.

Patrons are expected to arrive and depart at the times specified on the room request.  No meeting or activity will continue later than 6PM on weekdays and 5PM on Saturday.  Exceptions may be made for member activities.

Alcohol, drugs and tobacco products are prohibited.  Crestview Baptist Church is a smoke-free building.  If your guests smoke, please direct them outdoors.  No vulgar, obscene or profane language or behavior will be permitted anywhere in the building or on church grounds.  All activities must be under competent adult supervision at all times.